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Kate Barros

Leith’s Graduate in Food & Wine


Since I was 10 and my mother first let me help out with cooking for the family, I loved cooking.  Whether it was  making a lasagne or baking my Great Aunt’s famous chocolate cake. My passion for cooking all sorts of foods has grown over the years.


Sadly Home Economics was removed from my school curriculum when the time came for me to think about my future career, so I ended up going into the world of computers. Whilst I enjoyed the challenges, I wasn’t satisfied, so I quit the industry not quite knowing where and what to do next.


That summer I visited my sister in Los Angeles and my passion for cooking returned - I was constantly in the kitchen competing with my brother-in-law for creating the best meal of the day! They convinced me to get back into cooking and make a career out of it – so I did.


Within 1 month of returning home I had a job with a fantastic catering company in Battersea and the following January was enrolled in Leith’s School of Cookery, where I gained my Diploma in Food & Wine with Merit. From there it has been a fun learning curve and I have gained experience in many different sectors within the industry, from Cake Making to Corporate Events.


Now I am following my passion full-time and creating delicious canapés and cakes. I truly believe that in most mass-produced cakes and canapés, even some from seemingly ‘home’ made sources, flavour is lacking. I want people to remember that delicious food can be beautiful and fun – customers will always return to quality products that are made with love.